Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brosfree and how does it work?

Brosfree is a virtual private network (or VPN for short). When you turn it on, all your device's incoming and outgoing data gets routed through a secure server which protects it with Grizzly-grade encryption. That means when an internet service provider, network owner, or even hacker tries to snoop on your browsing activity, all they'll see is garbled, unreadable junk. This process also changes your IP address (it's kind of like your internet phone number) to stop anyone online from seeing your real physical location or tying your activity back to you directly..

How do I configure applications to use the Brosfree tunnel?

Brosfree will automatically configure your system to use a local HTTP/HTTPS proxy and a local SOCKS proxy. The port numbers for these proxies are chosen randomly, unless specified in the Brosfree settings.You may manually configure other applications to use these local proxies.Brosfree for Android run these local proxies.

Why does my Brosfree connection sometimes disconnect?

This is most commonly caused by an unreliable or inconsistent Internet connection to your device or computer. On a phone, this can mean losing reception. On a computer, this can mean inconsistent Wi-Fi or an unreliable Internet Service Provider.

What VPN protocol is used by Brosfree?

Brosfree uses the L2TP/IPsec VPN protocol.

Why does my Brosfree IP address frequently change?

Your Brosfree client will automatically discover new Brosfree servers. When the last server used is currently unavailable, another one can be used instead.

How do I enable Android "sideloading"?

“Sideloading” means installing an app on your device without going through the Play Store. This is desirable for people who do not have access to the Play Store, or when the app is not available in their region. In order to install a direct download of Brosfree for Android, you must enable sideloading on your device.In your Android settings, go into the “Security” section, then enable “install apps from Unknown sources”.